European Economic  Area Financial Mechanism (MFEEE – EEA Grants)

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have signed a new cooperation agreement with Portugal under the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, for € 102.7 million has been allocated to six programmes and funds from a total of €2.8M for 15 countries. A substantial part of this funding is earmarked for efforts to promote blue and green growth.

 Portugal is the sixth country to beneficiary country to sign the MoU and the financing period goes until 2024.



In alignment with the main priorities of the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment special concern shall be given to: Circular Economy with particular relevance to the building sector; Portugal Living Labs for low carbon in larger cities; National Biosphere Reserves and pre-defined project in Climate change adaptation in river basins.

Innovation Norway (IN), the most important tool for developing Norwegian trade and industry, is the Donor Partner... Read more  


Plastic Sector

Construction sector 



Adaptation to Climate Change at Local Level

Living Labs for Low Carbon and Mitigation of Climate Change in Cities

News EEAGrants

From 8th to 12th of October took place a visit to Norway in the cities of Tonsberg, Oslo, Lillehammer and Fetsund. This visit, under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism EEA-Grants 2014-2021, had a threefold goal: 1.To develop institutional contacts with Norwegian partners, as well as the exchange of experiences and knowledge in loco in the areas of Environment, Water Resources, Metrology and Energy; ... Read more


Programa Ambiente, Alterações Climáticas e Economia de Baixo Carbono – ‘Programa Ambiente’ – na ‘Portugal Shipping Week’

On 18 September, Susana Escária presented for the first time, the funding priorities of the Environment, Climate Change and Low-carbon Economy Programme – 'Environment Programme’ - on the ‘Portugal Shipping Week’, an annual event dedicated to the blue economy, in Lisbon... Read more


Norwegian Ambassador visited the Ceira’s River Basin in the Central Region of Portugal

On June 29, the Norwegian Ambassador visited the Ceira River Basin in the Central Region of the Country, where the EEA Grants Environment project “Rio Ceira” will be developed with the purpose of Green Infrastructures recovery, climate change awareness and vulnerability to climate change reduced in Ceira’s River Basin. Read more


Visit to Ceira's River Basin in the Centre Region of Portugal

From 5th to 7th of June Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) visited the Ceira’s River Basin in the Centre Region of Portugal. Read more


Stakeholders consultation 

On the 18th of July more than 50 participants attended a workshop consultation meeting, including 38 participants from 26 stakeholders’ entities.  Read more 

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